I’m a fool for Spring.

Almost two months ago, the Groundhog predicted an early spring!  This morning, I woke up to this….

I’d say it was about 3-4″.  Not much but still discouraging to a region bursting with Spring Fever.  It’s okay.  I know it will be worth the wait when it finally comes.  I grew up in the southeastern United States (S. Carolina, Alabama and Georgia) so I’ve experienced my share of miserably hot and humid summers.  New Jersey wasn’t as bad for the most part and I hope it will be tolerable here because we don’t have A/C in this place.  Most of the houses we looked at didn’t have it.   We have oil heating which is new to me.  It does the trick but in case you haven’t heard it on the news, the price ain’t nice.  We’ve been stocking up on sweats, blankets and wool socks to stay warm.  My brother-in-law Nick and his wife Liz help her family out at their alpaca farm. I got some gorgeous gloves and socks from their gift shop for Christmas and they are bliss!!

Chris is at a conference in Chicago and won’t be back until tomorrow afternoon so I am chilling out on our new couch.  Technically it is a love seat because a couch won’t fit up our stairs.  We found out the hard way when the movers tried every which way to get our old one around that corner with no prevail.  I’m listening to the radio and sipping a bit of scotch.  I cannot tell you how much I look forward to 8:00 p.m when NPR plays jazz all through the night!  And since it’s Friday, it feels especially good!  Molly is hanging out in her room and I’m enjoying some down time.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


About suthrncan

Southern girl who loves travel, farms, markets, bourbon, food trucks and a good cup of coffee!
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