Japan Aid

There have been several events in the area to raise money for disaster victims in Japan.  It’s been so wonderful to see the everyone coming together in support.  Last weekend, a parent of one of the students at Molly’s school held a small fundraiser in an Arlington church where he performed a puppet show that he did for some of the second graders earlier in the year.  Some members of the local Japanese community also held a bake sale in the back of the room.

The three of us went to the fundraiser and were pleasantly surprised to find that we barely had the space to squeeze into the small room!  They had an amazing turnout!  We bought a few goodies (some yummy cake balls!) and donated a few extra dollars at the door but didn’t stay very long because the crowd was absolutely overwhelming!

A few other local businesses were raising funds for Japan.  Two of my favorite discoveries since we moved here were both doing their part to help.  Black Ink, which is an amazing shop with two locations in Boston and Harvard Square, donated a percentage of their sales on 3/25.  If I could, I would have bought one of everything in that store!!  TAZA Chocolate in Sommerville made the announcement that they would donate 50% of their profits for March 24-31st.  That was a compelling enough reason for me to make my way back over there and purchase some chocolate!   I was curious about an interesting chocolate chai that they were selling.  It’s from MEM, a Boston tea shop that uses the cocoa shells from TAZA for this enticing blend!  It is an absolutely intoxicating tea and it’s great to be able to support two local businesses plus a great cause with one purchase!  TAZA ended up donating $2834.65 to the Red Cross.  I’ll drink to that!

As we watch the aftermath continue to unfold across the world, we will pray for the victims and their families.  Molly has an uncle who has been living in Japan for over a decade teaching English and we were happy to learn that he was safe.  I hope that many more people will receive equally good news.


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