How Sweet it is!

Last weekend, on the way home from Lexington, we drove past a tiny strip of shops right outside of town with a sign and a window display that caught my attention a few days earlier….

The location isn’t great but it the colors are quite eye catching.  When I looked again, I couldn’t help but notice the word Macaron!  It couldn’t have been more attractive to me even if it had been in lights.  When I mentioned it to Chris, he was equally excited and decided to turn around so we could give it a go!  We both fell in love with them on our trip to Paris two summers ago and couldn’t believe our luck to find a shop that sold them so close to our new home!

Parking was a bit of an adventure but we managed to get through the door and our eyes lit up when we saw the case of jewel colored treats that awaited us inside!

At $2.20 a piece, we had to practice some restraint.  They require a lot of work and quality ingredients as they are gluten free and made with almond flour so the price is about what we expected.  We each picked 2, one of them being a dark chocolate caramel.  Chris selected the salted caramel one as well and I wanted to try to branch out a bit since 50% of our macarons were the same flavor so I decided to go with raspberry.  Molly chose lemon as her second.  The lady behind the counter told us that she’d just opened up shop the Tuesday before which makes the Sweetery about a week and a half old!  We were informed that they would stay good in the fridge for about a week so we didn’t eat them until the following evening.  We usually get our macaron fix from the Trader Joe’s freezer section ($5 for 12) but they only come in chocolate and vanilla.  It was exciting to be able to choose from a wider range as well as to welcome a new business to the area.

Molly’s verdict wasn’t good.  She said she didn’t care for either one she selected.  I think she’s crazy because Chris and I finished them off and they were divine.  The dark chocolate almond was an exceptional triumph.  The almonds are strong at first but give way to the chocolate filling and the smooth caress of caramel with just a hint of salt.  It was a perfect balance.  The raspberry was also a delight.  I thought the lemon almost tasted like a pie with the almond flavor serving as crust.

I really hope that the Macaron Sweeterie, with their modern twists on classic Parisian fare sticks around long enough to become a classic destination itself.  They also serve gelato and Molly did give high marks to the vanilla so at least there is something there for her as well when we decide to go back.


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Southern girl who loves travel, farms, markets, bourbon, food trucks and a good cup of coffee!
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