How does your garden grow?

Last Sunday was Mother’s Day and ours was pretty low key.  I was a good daughter and sent my presents off in time to be received on the big day which made me feel like I really had my act together (a rare sensation!).  My mom lives in Georgia and since I never remember Grandparent’s Day, I always send my Oma and Opa gifts on Mother’s and Father’s Day.  Another reason is because they played a big part in raising me and I spent a lot of time with them growing up so we’ve always been close.  There was a Facebook meme floating around where I used a picture of my mother when she was young as my profile pic.

This was the night of her prom and she went with my dad!  This is at his house with the dog jumping at her!  My grandpa was crazy about poodles.  Almost 40 years later, my parents are still together and still very much in love.  I feel very fortunate to be able to say that.  I sent my Oma a copy of Downton Abbey (an excellent show!) and I made my mom this necklace…

I used to do a lot of jewelry making.  I got into it when I was pregnant with Molly and I still dabble from time to time.  I bought the owl from the Boston Bead Company in Harvard Square.   I made a mix CD for both of them as well.  Never underestimate the power of a homemade gift!

My Mother’s Day present was a new addition to my concrete garden that I have going in the back of the house.  We went to Wilson Farm in Lexington and I picked out a bunch of herbs that I planted in several containers.  I was especially exited about the Thai basil because it’s not easy to find in stores and believe me, I’ve looked!  I also got a beautiful potted strawberry plant.

The new plants are on the right.  I move them in the middle of the day so they can get some extra sun.  The other small containers to the left have my basil.  The little yellow house was a cookie jar at one point.  I thrifted it and decided it’d be perfect for my mint plant since it’s best to keep it separate from everything else because it will take over your entire garden!

We got these flat containers from IKEA.  We eat a lot of salad so I figured I’d grow some lettuce.  It only needs about six inches of soil so this was ideal.  I’m hoping the lettuce in the middle will get big.  The one to the right is to harvest baby leaves and they’re ready to eat!  I’m planning on using some this weekend!  The left container has baby leeks and radishes which haven’t gotten very big yet.

Speaking of homemade gifts, Molly made this for me in school.  This is actually the wrapping paper.  Inside was a book of poems that she wrote and put together in school.  Last Friday, I went to her school for a poetry reading and her poem about dogs (based on Chowder, of course!) was well received!  She loves the dog, that’s for sure!  Lucky for me, she also seems to think I’m pretty swell!


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