Zing + Za!

It’s a rare individual that doesn’t enjoy the occasional slice of pizza.  We had favorite spots back in New Jersey and we haven’t noticed a lack of options up here in Massachusetts.  No matter how hard I fight it, my family quickly seems to fall into comfort ruts when it comes to certain restaurants.  I like to branch out but we often find a place and then hit it like crazy until we burn out.  If it’s cheap and reasonable without too much chaos, we like it!

Za meets most of those requirements.  It’s not super cheap but the price is reasonable for the quality of the pie.  It’s also crazy busy most of the time but the wait usually isn’t that bad and the staff is very gracious.  I’ve heard the pizza here described as being Greek style and I can understand why.  The crust is definitely different.  It has a deep dish crispness but it isn’t too thick.  They have a lovely assortment of seasonal selections that they get locally and serve up in creative pizza combinations and gorgeous salads.  Where else can you get this nice and this naughty?  How naughty?  Mac & Cheese Pizza!

Za (in Arlington) is the type that you want to bring home to your mom.  Clever, wholesome and sensible.  Zing (in Somerville) is the perfect fling.  The sassy selections are available by the slice and you can wash them down with some really unique bottled sodas.  I usually get this Curiosity Cola which Chris says tastes like horrible medicine but I really enjoy it.  He says he cannot believe I’ll drink this stuff but won’t touch Jagermesiter.

This is the Dracula’s Delima slice!  It’s a white pizza with lots of garlic, tomatoes and pomegranate syrup.  If you cannot tolerate gluten,  they have gluten free slices every Wednesday evening!

Zing is operated by the same folks who run the coffee shop inside of Porter Square Books (one of my favorite bookstores!).  Both places are super awesome and focused on responsibility (there are signs on the napkin baskets to remind the customer to take only what they need!) and quality (organic and/or local awesomeness).   They have incredible spring rolls with tofu and peanut sauce.  They are very popular so if you don’t get them before 1 in the afternoon, you’re probably out of luck!

Another cool thing about Porter Square Books is that almost every time I go, I see a dog!!  They are never in the cafe area but I’ve seen them in the bookstore.  I don’t know what the policy is with that sort of thing but it’s happened at least 3 different times now so they must be okay with well behaved dogs coming into the store!  I honestly do NOT know how Chowder would deal with this!  He’d probably be okay until he saw another dog and then he’d probably get excited and rowdy so it will be a while before I attempt it….


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Southern girl who loves travel, farms, markets, bourbon, food trucks and a good cup of coffee!
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2 Responses to Zing + Za!

  1. How many scrabble jokes did Chris make in Za?

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