Planet Brunch

We put off our brunch outing until Sunday since that is when Veggie Planet does it and we heard it was good.  And it was.  The service kinda sucked but we’ll go back anyways just because it’s awesome to have a menu that’s completely veg and completely available to me!  The clincher was the fact that they serve brunch until 3 in the afternoon!  We often get a very late start on Sundays so that was a score!  The food really was good.  I had a breakfast pizza, Chris had an omelette and Molly had a the waffle of the week.  It was a banana and honey battered waffle with sliced fruit.  She’s all about the plain Jane when it comes to desserts or sweets so the fact that she only had the option of partaking in the chosen waffle flavor or no waffle at all really helped nudge her to expand her scope a bit!  She’s an excellent eater when it comes to trying and liking new things so I can’t complain that she’s picky about sweet stuff!

Here she is in her usual state.  She gets the scowl from my side of the family.  We also had a brunch bonus today!  A lute player!

He was quite good!!  I was spent a good part of my meal pondering the dedication it takes to play an instrument like that so well.  Then I started to think about how well you could support yourself playing the lute.  With the large Celtic community around here as well has the Ren Faires, weddings and cafe gigs like this, an ambitious player should be a comfortable distance away from a starving artist.  I should hope so anyways!

We got home after some errands this afternoon and my flowers in the window were blooming.  My downstairs neighbor planted the perennials that line the yard years ago so they come bursting forth every spring.  I have to restrain myself from clipping all of the blossoms for the house since they aren’t my plants and I’m sure she’d like to enjoy them too.  I do allow myself to pick the flowers that grow out from the other side of the fence and could just as easily be stepped on or taken by people that walk past our yard.  That makes them fair game!  Some of the plants are really hardy so they are popping up everywhere!  There’s plenty for the occasional snip!

I absolutely adore peonies.  They might be my favorite flower.  The one on the left is made from paper.  It’s actually supposed to be a cherry blossom.


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Southern girl who loves travel, farms, markets, bourbon, food trucks and a good cup of coffee!
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