Stay Cool!

My little guy is not a fan of the heat.  I got this idea from the recent issue of ReadyMade magazine.  There was a recipe for Pupsicles that looked incredibly easy and there was even a picture of a dog that looked very similar to Chowder.

The recipe itself said to blend some vanilla yogurt with bananas or blueberries and flax seeds and put it in some molds.  You can also use peanut butter.  Remember that chocolate, grapes, raisins and citrus are not good for dogs!  I was rushed at the store the other night so I just grabbed some of those little baby servings of yogurt.  They were blueberry and vanilla flavored.  I didn’t have time to grab flax seeds so I just decided to make do with the yogurt.  I knew Chowder wouldn’t mind.

I was beyond excited to give one to him yesterday afternoon after we came in from watering the garden!  Unfortunately, savoring and enjoying anything edible is beyond my dog.  He swallowed it whole!  Later on, I decided to crush two of them up together and that forced him to slow down a bit but I am sure he still gave himself brainfreeze.

Another way to stay cool?  A face mask!  This one is a seaweed mask from LUSH (Molly and I are LUSH addicts!).  This mask smells amazing and makes my face look and feel awesome.  The salesgirl said I’d get about 3 facials from the jar but it looks like it will go for 4 or 5!  I have some rosacea around my nose and cheeks so anything that calms it down is a plus!  It stays in the fridge and after catching a glimpse of my disheveled complexion yesterday afternoon, I was inspired on more than one level to throw it on!

Speaking of Molly, she and Chris were putting together some of her plant projects over the weekend.  She got a hydroponic venus fly trap kit for her birthday so they put it together.  They also assembled her Chia Shaggy…

They had to soak him in water.  The heat is supposed to hit the upper 90’s today and I don’t doubt that I’ll get more than just a little urge to soak my head in water too!  One thing that did help yesterday was a lot of  beverages!  I made iced tea and lemonade.  At the end of the day when the apartment still warm even though it had cooled off outside, it was time to whip out the scotch.

What’s cooler than being cool?!  And while we are on the subject of ice….Boston tied the Stanley Cup series last night!!!!  Go Bruins!!!!


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Southern girl who loves travel, farms, markets, bourbon, food trucks and a good cup of coffee!
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