First Farmers’ Market!! (Way to go Bruins!!!!)

Today was an adventure for the crew and I.  We missed the Arlington Farmers’ Market kick off last week because of the heat.  I was sad to stay home but I didn’t want to risk anyone getting sick.  Today, however, was beautiful and I was excited to be able to leash up the dog and attach the cart to the kidlet.  The little hand carts (my friend Carrie calls them ‘fart carts’) are useful when you have to handle a dog, wrangle a child and also haul back any sort of treasure you might find.

To her credit, I didn’t have to do much wrangling with Molly.  In fact, she was such an asset that I can’t imagine it would have gone half as smooth without her!  She helped me get the cart on and off of the bus and up and down the stairs.  She also pulled it to the market while I walked with Chowder.  Once we got to the center of town, I let the two of them take a water break while I ran to the bank to get some cash.

It was a beautiful day at the market!  I was glad to be able to go and see what sort of vendors were there and to start figuring out how I can incorporate as much of this local stuff into my kitchen as possible!  I’d already done all of my grocery shopping for the week so I didn’t want to make any spontaneous purchases that would end up going to waste.  I decided not to shop for anything that would be used for dinner other than a baguette.  Everything else would be just for pleasure.

I’ve been craving radishes and buttered bread for a while now!  The radishes that I planted back in April are taking forever to grow!  They’re finally starting to show some real potential but I just couldn’t wait so I bought a small bunch today.  I sliced up some baguette and generously sprinkled on some black truffle salt.  I also got some strawberries.  Every time I see lots of them stacked up and for sale, I always think of the Strawberry Woman from Porgy and Bess.

Since I slacked on buying a lot of produce this week (I have a lot at home already! Really!), I guess you could say that I loaded up on the baked goods.  The Danish Pastry House was at the Arlington Market and they had an absolutely amazing selection of goodies!  Molly got a butter croissant and it’s usually safe to assume that Chris will enjoy a chocolate one so that’s what I decided to pick up for him.  I splurged on the Homemade Pop Tart (raspberry).  I just finished it tonight with some tea and I have to say that the crust was a major accomplishment.   It was remarkably similar to what I remember a Pop Tart tasting like…except way better!

The big adventure came when we decided to take the bus home with the cart and the dog. I checked the rules for the MBTA and this is what I learned:  Service dogs are always allowed on the bus.  As far as other dogs are concerned, during off peak hours, it is at the discretion of the bus driver so I just walked on with Chowder and the guy didn’t say anything.  I wanted to acclimate him so he can get an idea of what to expect on the bus and what I expect from him if I decide to take him somewhere.  He was so well behaved that I am really looking forward to trying again ASAP!

Speaking of going somewhere, the Bruins are really taking it to Vancouver tonight!  I can hear my neighborhood hoot and hollar and honk horns every time Boston scores a goal!  They love their sports up here!  During Field Day at Molly’s school this week, the kids were singing Sweet Caroline!  Right now there are some kids running up and down the street and someone is shooting off fireworks.  We’ve just put another goal on the board.  It’s 4-0 with less than 2 minutes left in the game!  Looks like they will be bringing the Stanley Cup home tonight!  Go Bruins!!!!


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