Repeat Performance

If you liked the last post, we have an extra helping for today!  When we lived in New Jersey, one of the family traditions that I loved the most was going to the farmers’ market on Saturday mornings.  We would take Chowder and hang out with our Silver Forge friends.  We knew almost all of the vendors and I was able to plan all of our meals around the vast selection of goods.

We’ve hit two markets this week.  Neither one has been as big as our old stomping grounds but the array of vendors that I’ve seen so far looks promising for sure.  I’m already craving another homemade pop tart!

Today we decided to check out the Union Square market.  We took it to the next level by including our little guy again!

I knew we could get to our destination by taking just one bus.  I’m glad our bus juju was good today!  In total, we took 3.  No one gave us a hard time about the dog and we didn’t have to wait long!  Chowder gave a repeat performance of wonderful behavior!  His day was especially exciting because we happened upon several dog friendly establishments.

We were hoping to find some breakfast at the market but we kinda struck out.  There were two bakers but nothing really did lend itself to our cause.  Lots of breads, pies and larger items but no small pastries or muffins.  That was one thing that the Arlington Market had that the Union Square market did not.  That’s not to say we didn’t buy some baked goods!  We got some gorgeous breads from Iggy’s.  A great baguette and an olive focaccia that belongs on the cover of a magazine.  There were two great veggie vendors that we bought from as well.  I wish I’d written down the names but I can edit later.  I got some gorgeous strawberries from one grower along with some spinach and spring leeks. One farmer had napa cabbage which is something I’ve been looking for!  I’ve seen it at grocery stores but only by the pound.  Since they’re huge, they can get expensive fast and I wasn’t going to pay $7 for cabbage!  It was nice not having to pay for salad since I have so much growing at home!

Since we were pretty darn hungry after the market, we walked from Union to Inman Square.  I hoped for the best as far as finding a place where we could sit outside with Chowder.  We got incredibly lucky and came across the nice ladies who work at Bukowski Tavern.  One girl was outside sweeping and I noticed that the front part of the restaurant was completely open.  I asked if I could sit at the corner front table with Chowder as long as I kept him close to the outside and she said yes!  She also has a dog like Chowder (A Bug!) so I think that helped! The ambiance was nice and the people were super friendly.  They had a small brunch menu and I was almost overcome when I saw that they fry plantains and put them on top of Nutella waffles!

Some things are just too good for this world.  Molly didn’t even want the plantains so I more than happily gobbled them up!  When we were done, we walked up and out of Inman Square so we could catch the 83 to Porters Square and then change buses to get home.  We stopped in at Porter Square Books to get a gift for Molly’s teacher.  I decided to do the dog test since he was with us and I’ve seen other dogs in the store before.  I knew exactly what we were getting so I went in, asked for the book and we immediately got in line.  Chowder was a champ!  He just laid down next to me while we waited in line and I paid.  The guy behind the counter offered him a treat and said that yes, they are dog friendly as long as the dog is friendly!  Score!

It was a busy morning for all of us.  We’ve been chilling out back at home for a while and Chowder has been out like a light!  A nap does sound pretty good right about now…


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Southern girl who loves travel, farms, markets, bourbon, food trucks and a good cup of coffee!
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2 Responses to Repeat Performance

  1. Ivonne says:

    What/where were the farmers markets you were hitting in NJ?

    • schlagblog says:

      I cannot recommend the West Windsor Farmers’ Market enough. If you live in Hfield or Cwood, it’s about an hour but you could just spend the day in Princeton.

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