Happy July!

The year is officially half done.  Summer has engulfed us.  School is out.

Molly is visiting family down in Alabama for the next week.  We gave her a little send off cookout and sleepover with some friends the night before she left.

It wasn’t especially glamourous but the girls had a good time.  We left the major prep to others and bought a lot of prepackaged food!  Grilled hot dogs, mini ice cream treats from Trader Joe’s and canned sweet rolls from the grocery store.  One party trick I have learned is that soda in glass bottles always goes over well.

So, we’ve had a little time to ourselves.  We went to see a movie.  We don’t see many so it’s always a treat.  Especially when we go to one of these adorable indie theaters that are nestled away in various towns around us!

We saw Midnight in Paris (Adorable!) at the Lexington Flick and we had a lovely time out.  We grabbed a coffee at Peets and then walked over to the theatre.  There is parking on the side streets and everything (restaurants, coffee shops and the theatre) is all within a few blocks.  Downtown Lexington really is nice stroll.

There aren’t any major happenings at the homestead.  There are a few minor things though…like kimchi!

Chris and I have done a bit of fermenting over the years.  We took a workshop given by Sandor Katz who wrote some great books about food.  One of them, Wild Fermentation, is all about the process and how good it is for your body.  It’s full of information, stories and recipes.  If you click the kimchi pic, it will take you to another useful site with a step by step recipe complete with lots of visuals.  My family loves Korean food and while it isn’t easy to replicate many of their signature dishes, it is simple and inexpensive to make kimchi at home.

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday weekend!  I hear fireworks outside already!


About suthrncan

Southern girl who loves travel, farms, markets, bourbon, food trucks and a good cup of coffee!
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