Wham! Bam! Thank you Boston!

The title alludes to a quickie but yesterday was a pretty drawn out affair.  Some of our friends had plans to nab a spot near the river yesterday and watch the fireworks although it almost feels like another understatement to call what happened yesterday watching fireworks.

Those same friends who went out at noon to stake out a place to sit and picnic and hang out for the day until the festivities kicked off at 8:30 were gracious enough to invite us to join them later in the afternoon.  We’re both dog owners so Steve had to come back into Porter Square at around 4ish to walk their lab mix.  Chris walked Chowder and we made sure he had lots of water since it was a bit hot.  We me up with Steve at the Red Line in Porter and went into Boston together.  Thank goodness he was along to personally escort us back to their spot because it was hoppin’ and we would have had difficulty finding them!

People were camped out everywhere.  Some went all out and brought tents.  We all had blankets and and things to eat.  Chris and I made some lemonade and put it in a cooler inside of an empty orange juice container.  There were snacks and cards so we just relaxed in the shade of a tree and leisurely passed the time.

These were the super dedicated folks in front of us on the other side of the walkway.   You basically have to be out there at 8 a.m. to get one of these spots since the best view is there.

And here is a shot of the folks behind us.  They closed the walkway to get from over there to where we were around 6ish.  There were people lined up all around.  I couldn’t believe how big the crowd was!  I heard later in the evening that they estimated the number of spectators to be around 900,000 people in total.  People come from all over New England for the Boston Pops and the fireworks.

As the night crept in, the crowd continued to grow.  We dodged a major rain bullet which was a true blessing.

The show started with The Star Spangled Banner complete with a fly over!!  Totally awesome!  We could hear the Pops playing over the speakers.  I used to watch the 4th of July Pops special on T.V. growing up so it felt amazing to be there and watching the fireworks go off during the 1812 Overture in person!  I got the crappiest pictures in the world because of this huge light pole that was in my shot the entire time but, oh well!

This was just a teaser really.   The real show started about an hour later at 10.  I didn’t have my camera out for the rest of the night because the crowds were tight and I didn’t want it to get damaged.  I wouldn’t have been able to capture it anyways!  It was absolutely breathtaking!  I definitely saw some pyrotechnic styles that I’d never seen before!  Seriously amazing stuff.  We were so close that we had to dodge pieces of flaming cardboard!

The massive crowd took over the entire city and clogged the public transport after that.  It was sort of scary even though it was all very peaceful.  Everyone was hot and tired but I didn’t see any trouble.  We decided to walk for a while and avoid the Green Line because we knew it would be murder.  We still didn’t manage to escape suffering through an overstuffed train car on the way back into Cambridge.  The buses were an absolute nightmare so we paid out for a cab ride home.  We got home at about 12:30.  I was so overstimulated from the journey home that I probably didn’t go to bed until 3.  That was one for the books.


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