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Landed safely in back in Boston on Tuesday at midnight (which is technically Wednesday, I suppose!).  It was rough!  I’m thankful that the airport here is reasonably easy to navigate.  I used MBTA to get to the airport last week and it was pretty sweet!

Since we’ve been back, I’ve been throwing down with some local fruits and veggies that I’ve picked up at various farmers’ markets.  We went to a different one this past week near South Station (more on that later!).  Here’s some fun stuff I’ve whipped up since I’ve been back…

Ratatouille!  Molly has been begging me to make it and since summer squash is everywhere right now so her timing couldn’t be more perfect.  This came from Kimball Farm.  They have a huge operation and have had a tent at every market I’ve been to so far!  I also got the strawberries for my vodka from them.

Speaking of that vodka….it fleshed out really well!!!

Seriously delicious stuff!!!  Definitely worth the effort to make!  Be careful though!  It’ll sneak up on you cause it goes down so darn easy!!  I plan on making raspberry vodka next week!  Choose your berries wisely!  Kimball doesn’t administer a lot of pesticides so I feel good about using their produce.  My friend told me that she knows a guy who made fig vodka and I can’t wait to try that as well when they start showing up at the market!!  I love love LOVE fresh figs!

I doubled down on strawberries last night….

My friend Megan brought over some tonic water which turned out to be the perfect way to serve up the vodka.  She also brought over some more strawberries, sweet biscuits and mascarpone cheese.  I added some of my homemade balsamic reduction and it was the perfect summer dessert.  The mascarpone was a great sub for whipped cream!

There is a really cool vendor at the Arlington market (Golden Egg Farm) that sells delicious free range eggs as well as her handmade pottery!!  I got a really nice mug for my father-in-law along with my eggs!  The arugula came from the Union Square Market.  I’ll find out the name of the farm and update later.

This post is making me hungry!  And thirsty!!!  I think I’ll sign off on that note!  Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


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Southern girl who loves travel, farms, markets, bourbon, food trucks and a good cup of coffee!
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