Brunch + Soccer

If you’re a regular reader (Bless you!), you’ve easily been able to see that we’re big brunch people.  Over the past few months, we’ve taken in a good sampling of what the area has to offer.  I plan on adding a separate page on the blog that is dedicated to my favorite meal of the week and the places we’ve tried so be on the look out!

People love to recommend their favorite places to eat.  I know I do!  At least 3 different people have told me to go to Sound Bites so we decided to see what all of the hype was about yesterday.  The local lore goes something like this: So many people flock to Sound Bites on weekends that another brunch place opened next door in order to capitalize on the crowds.  Both places had substantial lines of folks waiting to eat but it was difficult not to notice that Sound Bites was decked out with various awards and accolades.   We plan on trying out Ball Square Cafe soon in order to make a proper comparison.  It should be noted that both places have vegetarian sausage!

This is the Boston Blue.  Grilled blueberry muffin, cheese omlette, homefries and bacon.  They allowed me to sub with vegetarian sausage which was great!  Everything was delicious.  The best way to describe the homefries would be panfried mashed potatoes.  It was really good!

An unfortunate side effect of an incredibly popular restaurant can sometimes be that the staff doesn’t really feel the need to be courteous.  That was not the case here!  The owners were on site and personally made it a point to make sure we were happy!  One thing you should know about Sound Bites is that drinks are self serve.

There is a station in the back where you can pick and chose what you would like.  We didn’t know that so we sat for a while with nothing.  We’d just come in from the hot sun and were absolutely parched!  Now you know and you don’t have to make the same mistake!

After brunch, I went to PJ Ryan’s in Teele Square to watch the World Cup.  Chris had work to do and Molly decided to stay home with him so I was flying solo.  What. A. Game!   We had plans to do some late afternoon errands so of course it lasted as long as possible!  Ha!  I didn’t care!  Everyone was having a great time cheering on Team USA!

I was so proud of the way our ladies played the Beautiful Game but a win was not in the cards yesterday.  Japan took the World Cup home with them and it really was a glorious victory for their team and their country.  I got a couple of dirty looks when I started to clap for them but several people joined me in applauding the new world champs!

                                                     Congratulations Japan!


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2 Responses to Brunch + Soccer

  1. thegeeman says:

    the food looks great. I am hungry.

  2. schlagblog says:

    I need to go back and try their pizza!

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