Chihuly & Clover (Over + Over)

Last week was glorious.  The weather was mild, breezy and perfect.  Molly and I got to do lots of fun stuff with Megan and her daughter, Josie.  Thursday was one of those days that I wouldn’t mind playing on repeat for a while.  Even the green line couldn’t bring me down!  We went into Boston Proper to catch the Dale Chihuly exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts since it’s gone in a few more days and we didn’t want to miss it.  We knew the girls would enjoy it since it was chock full of colorful shapes and stimuli.

We decided to take a detour and hit the farmers’ market at South Station because we knew that a Clover Food Lab truck would be there.  We hit them up for the first time a few weeks ago while checking out the market and were very happy with our purchase!

The magical glowing orange substance is their strawberry lemonade and it is divine.  Not too sweet.  We also scored the last batch of rosemary fries!

On our way into Boston last Thursday, I spent a good 5 minutes lamenting the fact that we no longer live close to a Maoz since we moved up from New Jersey.  It’s the closest thing to falafel paradise that I’ve experienced since my trip to Paris in 2009.  Someone heard my cries and hooked me up at Clover.  I ordered the chickpea fritter sandwich (it was sold out last time!) and it definitely scratched the falafel itch.

Molly and Josie shared some rosemary fries and corn fritters (Heavenly!).  Molly also ate a good chunk of my sammich and declared it to be the best ever so we traded the last few bites of my chickpea fritters for the last few bits of her corn fritters.  We were fueled and ready to go after that!

The Museum of Fine Arts is in a lovely area in Boston.  We had the opportunity to take in a bit of extra scenery when our train decided to express us past our stop and we ended up having to walk back to our destination.

The Chihuly Exhibit has been extended (by popular demand) and LOTS of people decided to take it in that day.  We got there at just the right time to get in line.  Before we could blink twice, there was a huge crowd of people behind us!  They were selling timed tickets to get in and the earliest we could score was 7:00.  We passed the time in the gift shop.  I found a lovely necklace that I’ll never pony up the money for and then Megan and I swooned over the McQueen Savage Beauty book!  I was sad to miss that one but my friend Kate was lucky enough to catch it!  Jealous!

Despite the crowds, all of us really enjoyed having our collective minds blown (c what I did thar?) while taking in Chihuly’s creative talents and vision.  I can’t convey it properly with words so I’ll let the pics (which do them very little more justice) do the talking for me.  I don’t feel like typing 10,000 + more words!

                                             This was actually my favorite piece.

                                            This was impossible to capture due to the crowds!

                                               This room sparked so many imaginations.  

                                                     It especially enraptured Molly!

                                  This was another space that was difficult to photograph.

My ticket is good for another trip back within ten days and Molly is very interested in going to see some of the other spaces in the museum.  Maybe we can do that next week before our trip down to New Jersey.  For now, I’m tuning in to the webcast of the Newport Jazz Festival and pretend I am there!


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