The Bee’s Knees

I’ve spent most of this week holed up in my apartment.  I’m trying to catch up on some housework and prepare for yet another trip.  Molly and I will be flying out on Monday to visit my family in Winder, Georgia.  I haven’t seen them since the new year (that would be 2011) started.  Well, we’re well over the hump so I figured I was ’bout due to drop in.  We’ll be gone all week.  When we get back, it will be time to get ready for Molly to start the 5th grade.

Megan and I have been bouncing around the desire to hit up some of the consignment and second hand store that are in the area.  That could easily take up an entire day so we decided to keep it simple and just go hang out at Harvard Square.  We stepped out yesterday with the youngins to explore an area that we’ve been neglecting on the other side of the T.

We stopped in at Oona’s Experienced Clothing which was full of fetching threats and baubles for both ladies and gentlemen.  Any young lad who is longing to capture Bud Cort’s look from Harold and Maude should look no further.  They also had some gorgeous clothing for women.  The rack of dresses from the 1940’s was to die for!

I saw one dress that I might actually be able to squeeze into.  They are having a big sale on Labor Day so maybe I will get lucky!  Megan managed to score an adorable frock already!  If you’re a proper chap who doesn’t fancy the look that launched a thousand hipsters, you should step into Leavitt & Peirce.

This place is the real deal and you’ll find everything to suit your gentlemanly needs.  Grooming supplies such as old fashioned shaving kits + tonics that I didn’t even know were still available!  They have a nice selection of pens which is something to keep in mind since Chris lost the one he got when he finished his PhD.  They have a beautiful selection of game boards that would make my husband weak in the knees.  They also have lots and lots of tobacco accessories such as cigarette cases and holders, etc.  I am sure that all of the Harvard and M.I.T. professors keep this place alive and well.

We actually had a final destination on our list that took us a while to find.  A new shop that focuses specifically on honey and bees just opened up last weekend.

Their goal is to acquire honey from all 50 states and around the world.  The adorable shop is called Follow the Honey.  They already have an impressive collection and it’s going to steadily grow!  You’ll be able to travel around the world in a jar!

There is even an area where you can sample some of the merch!  We tried a lot of different varieties from all over including killer bee honey!  Molly was fascinated.  They have two local honeys and I ended up with a jar from Jamaica Plain that had a nice flavor for toast and butter.

Honey and bees are dear to my heart.  I’ve always wanted to try my hand at beekeeping.  They are amazing creatures and I’m not skeeved out at all by insects.  I think they’re beautiful.  Our Silver Forge friends are beekeepers as well and we’ve had the pleasure of helping them harvest from their hive.

It doesn’t get much fresher than this!  The memory of running my finger across that hive and putting that liquid gold right into my mouth will stay with me for the rest of my days.

I still have a big jar that I’ve been trying to go easy on so it will last!  I’ve heard that there are a few counties that offer courses in beekeeping around here.  Megan and I are very interested in pursuing this!  We shall see!!!


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4 Responses to The Bee’s Knees

  1. ivonne says:

    wish your photos were bigger 😦

  2. love this post!! Makes me want to visit and tour the city with you gals!

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