Hello!  Long time, no blog!  Have you been feeling that chill that has been in the air as of late?  Fall is here!!

These past few weeks have been hopping!  Chris had to go to Belgium for a business trip, Molly has been getting into the swing of 5th grade, I took a train to and from New York City so I could celebrate a friend’s bachelorette party….  On top of that, Chris and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary along with his birthday!

Since last week contained a homecoming, an anniversary and a birthday, I thought it was a good excuse to spring on some really nice flowers!  Megan and I took the girls to the Lexington Farmers’ Market last week and I picked up these gorgeous, heirloom blooms from the Herb Farmacy.  This place was super neat!  They had all sorts of oils, herbs and other cool stuff.  Megan picked up this really incredible smelling herbal salt blend that I need to get my hands on as well!  The entire market was brimming with specialty vendors, farmers and artisans.  We were quickly able to see why it won the Best of Boston Award in 2010!

Chris returned from Belgium last Wednesday and he brought back some delicious chocolate along with some gorgeous lace handkerchiefs.  They’re so beautiful that I’m scared to take them out of the paper for longer than just a few minutes!  He got back just in time to go out for our anniversary the following night.  We had to keep it local since it was a school night so we decided to go to Flora.  We’ve heard a lot of good things about it.  As a gift to Chris, I decided not to bring my camera since I am always taking pictures of our food.  I can assure you that it was beautiful and delicious!  I had the sauteed chanterelles served over corn pudding and it was divine!  They source a lot of their ingredients locally and combine the flavors and textures with a comforting flare.  We both enjoyed our meal but it’s definitely a special occasion only sort of place($$$)!

The next day was his birthday but we didn’t get to celebrate that day because I had to skip town for the weekend.  While I was in New Jersey, I visited one of my blog buddies, Arrow Acres Farm.  You can see the two babies that were born this summer right up front!  They are getting ready for a big open house this weekend!

We finally got around to celebrating Chris’ birthday this week!  My neighbor gave me a load of green tomatoes from her garden so I fried those bad boys up!  I had grand plans to make him a Boston cream cake for dessert but it just was not meant to be!  I had all of my ingredients but realized that my rounded pans were nowhere to be found!  I then decided to use my canoe pans to make Boston cream Twinkies!  Doesn’t that sound awesome?  Well, that didn’t work out either because of some major custard fail!  It absolutely refused to set!  So, I decided to break up my would be Twinkies and soak them in the runny custard.  I’m going to make the ganache for the top and serve it up as Boston bread pudding!   It won’t be pretty but it’ll be tasty!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!  I couldn’t resist picking up this pumpkin the other night!  New England is Autumn Wonderland and I can’t wait for it to get into full gear!!  I’ve seen some leaves turning already!


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Southern girl who loves travel, farms, markets, bourbon, food trucks and a good cup of coffee!
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