Fifes and Fluff

Yesterday was full of festivals!  Back in June, we got Molly involved in the William Diamond Junior Fife and Drum Corp.  They are located in Lexington, MA.  William Diamond was the name of the 19 year old drummer that played during the Battle of Lexington.  The kids in the group range from ages 8-18.  The corp has been active for about ten years now and some of the members have been involved for almost the entire time.  I think it’s a fantastic way for the kids to get involved in learning about the local history!  Molly was always enthusiastic about this sort of thing so she was excited to be a part of this group!

This was Molly’s first event since joining the corp and I was so stoked to see her in the uniform!  Each piece is handmade!  The more senior members of the corps have absolutely gorgeous coats!  I wish I could wear one!  The kids were participating in the Colonial Faire & Muster of Fyfe and Drums.

 It was a pretty big deal.  Lots of crafters and history enthusiasts plus several fife and drum corps.  I really loved seeing the diversity of the groups.  They consisted of all ages and backgrounds and everyone looked so dashing in their uniforms!

All of the corps marched in the parade and also presented and performed at the faire.  I was so proud of the William Diamond kids!  They really did well!  One of the parents got a great video of their entire performance so see for yourself!

We sought out some grub at Ye Food Tent!  It was a simple and satisfying meal of beans and cornbread.  There’s a Johnny Cash lyric that says And what’s a substitute for bread and beans?  I ain’t seen it!  I couldn’t agree more!

We headed back home after a while and I decided to set out again to celebrate some more area history….this is a bit more recent!

The 6th Annual Fluff Festival took place in Union Square yesterday!  I’ve been hearing different things about it for the past few months and I knew that I absolutely had to see this for myself!  Marshmallow Fluff was invented in Somerville and it was one heck of a celebration!!!  They even closed off the streets since over 10,000 people were expected to show up and party!

There was music, dancing, cooking contests, roller derby Fluffernutter relays plus all sorts of other Fluffy treats such as whoopie pies, pizza and even beer!  There were also lots of people (and dogs) wearing costumes!

The local high school band was selling Fluffernutter sammiches to raise money so I bought Chris and Molly a little something even though they didn’t want to come!   It was impossible not to have a good time, even if I was by myself!

From centuries back to recent kitsch, there is a lot of local pride and history!  It’s really great to see how many people are willing to step up and play in active role in celebrating and preserving it!


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