The Friendly Crumpet

I realize that not many people are fortunate enough to score a plethora of great friends from a part time job but I have been blessed.  When we lived in Princeton, I worked at the local Borders for a few days a week.  We had a great group of supervisors and an insightful store manager that really fostered a positive sense of teamwork as well as a great environment for seeing people as more than just coworkers.  3+ years later, many of us are still friends who keep active tabs on each other and make great efforts to still hang out.  We’ve rocked out some birthdays (usually in costume!), had send offs for Appalachian hikers, welcomed children and are about to celebrate a wedding!

Since I moved to Boston, my time with the Borders crew has been, sadly, cut down.  I miss them all so much!  The internet is a reasonable substitute but the energy that resonates from in person gatherings is sorely lacking.

I’ve been lucky in that my dear friend, Kate, goes to school in Vermont and I am an official halfway house when she makes the journey up from New Jersey.  She has come to visit twice now and will be crashing again on Monday night (we’re going to set up my Halloween village!).

She and her friend, Shane, make the trip up together since it’s a monster drive (10+ hours!).  We have a blast hanging out once they get here and it has become tradition to grab breakfast out the following morning before they hit the road again.  A few weeks ago, Chris and I went to The Friendly Toast in Kendall Square and I knew that I had to take Kate there!  One of my favorite things about Kendall Square is the Red Line station…

If you pull this lever back and forth, something magical happens….

These chimes that are suspended between the tracks will ring and the sound is so zen and beautiful!  It really is something special!

We make the trek from the T to score some breakfast.  We were all very hungry by the time we got there!  I’m sure the place is an absolute mad house on weekends but Thursday mornings have been a great time to go!  They base almost their entire breakfast menu around their variety of freshly baked breads.  While you’re waiting for your food, you can scope out all of the amazing vintage decor!

Last time, I got the Ole Miss which was a huge slice of chipotle cheddar bread topped with sweet potato mash, sausage (they do have veg options!), scrambled eggs and mango sour cream.  It was killer.  Shane decided to go with it this time.  I went the way of Elvis Presley and ordered the King cakes….

Banana pancakes with chocolate chips with a layer of peanut butter slathered in between topped with “bacon” and real whipped cream.  It was a hunka hunka burnin’ love at first bite!  There was no way I was gonna finish this!  It was just Too Much!  See what I did there?

Unfortunately, we had to eat and run.  I had to be at work by 12 and needed to make time to get back to the T.  Kate and Shane made it up to Vermont safely and now, I’m looking forward to Monday.  I never thought I’d ever say that.


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Southern girl who loves travel, farms, markets, bourbon, food trucks and a good cup of coffee!
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