Honk if you love HONK!!!

For the past few weeks, I’ve seen banners and signs advertising the 6th Annual HONK! Festival in Davis Square.  We were looking for something to do this weekend and since Davis is right around the corner, we decided to check it out.  We went to brunch on Saturday at Johnny D’s.  By the time we were done, the bands were out and about and getting ready to rock!

I’d read a little bit about the festival on the website but nothing prepared me for what I was about to experience.  It rained on and off for most of Saturday but that didn’t deter these players at all.  Megan and I took the bus back into Davis Square later that evening to take part in the tail end of the days festivities.  We had dinner at Anna’s Taqueria and mixed some vodka from a flask with some Mexican Coke that we sipped on while dancing in the rain to the music!  Good times!

Recall every joke about band geeks and toss them right out the window!
These musicians are ten times cooler than I will ever be!!  Activist marching bands came from all over to participate in this incredible event.  They took over Davis Square all of Saturday and then paraded from Davis to Harvard Square on Sunday.  What really blew me away was that they closed down a good section of Massachusetts Avenue (the main vein of the area!) so that these amazing people could march safely!

The parade definitely accomplished their mission to “reclaim the streets for horns, bikes and feet!”

When we told our family and friends that we were moving to Boston, my beloved Opa told me how much I was going to love it.  Why?  To quote him exactly: There are liberals as the days are long!!  I cannot tell you how many times his words crossed my mind yesterday!  There were all sorts of groups marching in the parade: People for a Free Tibet, Occupy Boston, Amnesty International, labor unions as well as Food not Bombs.  One of the marching bands, The Rude Mechanical Orchestra, is from Brooklyn and they plan on camping out at Wall Street upon their return home.

There were all sorts of performers, crafters and vendors in Harvard Square yesterday.  My favorite bands were The Minor Mishaps from Austin and the Extraordinary Rendition Band from Providence, R.I.  Megan and Josie joined Molly and I and we had a great time people watching and listening to the different groups.  Many of the bands had original songs but we heard a few cool covers as well.  Crazy in Love, War Pigs, 25 0r 6 t0 4 and even Ignition by R. Kelly.  I am ashamed to admit that I recognized it 😉

HONK! originated in Somerville but has kicked off festivals in Seattle and Austin as well.  I hope that more cities embrace this awesome musical movement.  I really don’t feel like my words are enough so here is a slideshow that I put together.  Enjoy!


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