Save Gov!

When I first experienced the awesomeness of the Clover Food Labs, I knew my job search was over.  I’d been casually looking around in Boston, Cambridge and Somerville for a place to work where I would not just be earning a paycheck but would also be able to learn new things in an environmentally sustainable setting that fosters creative and outgoing people.  It sounds like a tall order but I found all of that and more when I started working at the Government Center truck.  My coworkers are welcoming and hardworking, the location is buzzing and the energy is inspiring.  I genuinely look forward to going to work everyday.

Clover is a visionary company that was started by people with noble goals and ideas.  They incorporate as many local products and goods as possible and make them into something special that is served up in compostable cups, wraps and boats.  They want to serve tasty, healthy and local food for a reasonable price.  I’ve been to several locations, including the restaurant at Harvard Square, and I’ve noticed a universal trait among all of us who work there: we all enjoy our jobs.  The team spirit is palpable.

I’ve been fascinated by food politics for years.  The food truck movement is riding the crest of that wave right now.  Street vendors have been facing opposition all over the country.  At the end of the month, our trial lease at Government Center will be up.  Unless the higher ups in the building next to us step in, Clover, Bon Me and Momogoose will have to leave.  When I look out the back window of the truck, I see Faneuil Hall.  When I look out the front, there is a sea of people congregated around these trucks and waiting for some lunch.  They are enjoying the sunshine, conversing with strangers and creating a sense of community.  They have been signing our petition in droves and leaving the most touching messages online.

We’re all trying to show Mayor Menino what we stand to lose if the trucks have to leave.  We want to stay and the people want us to stay!  In addition to the clipboard filled with signatures, we also have an online petition.  Our goal is 1,000 signatures by the end of the month.  Be a part of the action!  Help us out!  Government Center won’t be the same without chickpea fritters, rosemary fries and Whoopie Pie Fridays!!


About suthrncan

Southern girl who loves travel, farms, markets, bourbon, food trucks and a good cup of coffee!
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