The End is the Beginning

As it is for most American families, the tail end of October is just the beginning of the holiday season.  I know a certain enthusiast that has already decorated for Christmas!  In her defense, we have already had some snowfall so I find her logic to be sound!  🙂

Some people complain about the occasional Christmas carol that is played in malls before Halloween is even over so imagine the collective shock up here in the Northeast when we had several inches of snow come down on us over the weekend!  Western Massachusetts got hit pretty hard.  Due to the power outages, Chris didn’t have work Monday or Tuesday!

Halloween Porch We didn’t let a little cold and ice put a damper on our Halloween Spirit.  We got some pumpkins from Wilson’s Farm and put out a few webs, zombies and other decorations.  We also stocked up on some killer Halloween candy this year.  We got a hold of some great coupons from Costco so we were able to give out full sized candy bars.  I’ve always wanted to be that house!

Molly was really looking forward to roaming the neighborhood with her posse.  Josie and Tenzin came over and they hit the streets with a vengeance!  Their bags were so heavy that they could barely carry them!  Megan and I hung out at the house and handed out treats.

We all got in on the costume action!  I threw together some stuff that I had already and decided to be a zombie gardener.  I was Rosie the Riveter at work last Friday but it was such a subtle costume that I didn’t think it would work for Halloween.  I know I’m a grown up but I love wearing costumes and there is nothing subtle about a green face and fake blood.  A few years ago, one of Molly’s friends got so excited over the fact that I had dressed up for trick or treaters.  She told me that her mom “was nothing” for Halloween.  She was young and didn’t mean it the way it sounded but that only fueled my passion for one of the few days out of the year that I can really let my freak flag fly!

Molly didn’t have school yesterday and I didn’t know that Chris would have the day off as well so I arranged to also be home on Tuesday.  I took advantage of the time to go ahead and dismantle Halloween and tuck everything away for next year.  I had a fantastic motivator in that I always look forward to assembling my Day of the Dead/All Souls altar.  It already looks different than the picture above.  It slowly evolves over the course of several days.  If you want some DotD craftiness, check out Kittee’s sugar skulls.  She makes beautiful ones every year. I harvested some of my mums to add to my altar and really enjoyed basking in the glow of my hopes, fears, love and my dearly departed.  Friends that left too soon, grandparents that will always be a part of me, thought of those who lost loved ones this year and other cherished memories and moments that are never truly gone.  There were also vows to cherish and appreciate family and friends that are still here.  A member of my family deployed to Afghanistan over the weekend.  He won’t see his young children for an entire year of their lives. Hopefully, by the time I assemble this altar again next year, he will be home safe with them.


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Southern girl who loves travel, farms, markets, bourbon, food trucks and a good cup of coffee!
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2 Responses to The End is the Beginning

  1. Dianne says:

    Hi – I saw you’d liked my Copper Leaves post, thanks for stopping by. I continue to be amazed when folks find my blog. It’s so cool! Anyway, I’m enjoying browsing through your posts and this Halloween plus Dia de los Muertos one caught my eye. I love dressing up for Halloween (and for work) and we put up a Day of the Dead altar too. Now off to browse some more.
    p.s. Would like to see Molly’s haircut up close, it looks cute!

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