It’s December?!

If someone can help me figure out where November went, I’d be grateful!  It must be hiding out along with the rest of 2011.  The last month was a rush of (undocumented) activity.  I’m participating in my first craft fair next week so I’ve been busy making a bunch of random stuff!  I’ll post more about it when we get closer to go time.

We also had Thanksgiving!  Molly participated in the big parade in Plymouth which was a lot of fun!  Her drum and fife corp was invited to march and they did a great job!  I think it’s pretty sweet that the two major autumn holidays have their own town here in Massachusetts!  Salem is basically Halloweentown and for your dosage of pilgrims, head over to Plymouth.  Both are adorable and charming.

Thanksgiving was a big deal this year since we didn’t celebrate with family.  That meant that we had to cook our own food!  Megan and Josie came over to spend the day with us and Chris prepared a feast fit for a king.  Yes, Chris cooked almost the entire meal!   He rarely cooks but when he does, it’s usually quite tasty!  He even made an apple pie from scratch!  I’m married to Mr. Martha Friggin’ Stewart!  I’ll confess that this book made the day much easier!  I’ve had it for years and everything you need to know is in here!

In other news, despite our best efforts, we couldn’t get our lease renewed at Government Center so our Clover truck is no longer parked there.  We’re giving the truck a rest for the winter so we all had to relocate to different locations.  It was sad for me but we’re all trying our best to adapt to our new teams.  I sure do miss those faces!

For many of us, the Christmas Countdown has begun.  Megan and I went to Harvard Square for Black Friday.  Newbury Comics had some good deals so I got a few presents for Molly that I know she will love.   There are some indie record store exclusives that are available as well and so I know what I’ll be picking up for my mom.  Most of my Christmas shopping is already finished so I’ll be able to relax and enjoy the holiday season after I get this craft fair behind me.  I have a lot of my decorations up and the lights on the tree help to ward off the gloom that inevitably comes along with the shorter days.  It’s time to bundle up again!  Winter is right around the corner.



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Southern girl who loves travel, farms, markets, bourbon, food trucks and a good cup of coffee!
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