Crafting Hangover

A couple of days ago, a friend of mine posted a list of questions about 2011.  I’m sure most of you have seem something similar.  Favorite restaurant, music, etc.  He also asked about accomplishments and things we were happy to leave behind.  I feel like I accomplished a lot this year.  We successfully relocated our family to Boston and I think the adjustment, while it hasn’t always been easy, has been positive.  Molly has flourished in her new environment and I feel like I have as well.

When I came to that particular inquiry, I realized that I’d recently accomplished something even greater on a more personal level.  Back in October, I did something that I’ve always wanted to do but never really had the guts to try: I signed up to sell at a craft fair.  My sister-in-law sells at fairs.  So does my dear friend, Shannon.  I’ve always thought it was great that they did this and really wanted to be able to put myself out there as well but was always too scared.  Molly’s school puts this event on every year.  I read the email, decided that the cost to rent a table was reasonable, I closed my eyes and I jumped.

One of my favorite hobbies is needle felting.  I used to work at a bookstore in Princeton that hosted two knitting groups every week.  Those ladies (and gentleman!) were like family; so encouraging and supportive of one another.  I took a trip with two of them last October to Rhinebeck, NY for the Sheep and Wool Festival.  If you do any sort of needle/wool crafting, I cannot recommend this event more highly.  The area is gorgeous and this festival is huge!  Next year, I’d love to take a family trip to Rhinebeck in the fall.  While I was there, I stocked up on roving.  It isn’t always easy to find in stores and it’s usually very overpriced when I do see it.  I made these Santas last year.  One of the knitters bought them from me to give away to the rest of the ladies.  I had some for sale last night as well.  However,  I knew that I would need more than that for this craft fair.

For the next month and a half, my living room basically became a sweatshop.  I can’t believe that I managed to get anything else done at all.  My house looks like a tornado swept through it.  My family is lucky that I didn’t allow them to starve because this is all that I could think about.  For the past two weeks, I was barely able to sleep!  That’s my table!  It turned out just as I’d hoped it would!  The tablecloth is vintage fabric from Goodwill.  In fact, most of my crafts involved upcycling and repurposing.

I had a bunch of old sweaters and I picked up a few more to shrink and stitch.  I have jars and jars of vintage buttons that I used to accent the cowls and fingerless gloves that I made.  I see lots of people wearing cowls now but none of them sold last night.  I sold a few pairs of gloves.

The star of the show was my sushi set.  People absolutely went nuts over them.  I should have made more.   They’re made from sweater scraps and roving.

Folks also enjoyed my fox.  He’s a scarf that was inspired by a similar item at Anthropologie that was over $200.  I cut him out and stitched him from a sweater then I needle felted some detailed markings on him.  A nice lady bought him for her niece and I hope she enjoys it.  I actually have one more that I made for myself.  🙂

Overall, it was a great night.  They served alcohol at the craft fair and the glass of red wine helped to relax me a bit.  I made back what I paid to be there plus some of the costs for materials.  I also have lots of items to give away for Christmas.  The most rewarding part is that I have the experience now and the next one that I sign up for will hopefully feel a little less daunting.  I’m glad to leave that fear behind.

As far as 2011 is concerned, the thing I’m most happy to leave behind is driving.  I’m so thankful for the T!


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