Happy 2012!!!

I hope that everyone had a fantastic holiday season and that the new year is treating you right, so far!  I was on location in The Garden State for Christmas and, as always, it was a whirlwind!  We saw lots of friends and family all over the state!  I was fortunate enough to meet up with lots of blog friends!

Arrow Acres Farm!  This is Sanda!  He is such a sweet boy.  He is the cover model on the Autumn issue of Alpaca Magazine!  2011 was a big year for the farm and I’m so excited for them!!  I was lucky enough to be able to visit twice while we were in New Jersey.  I also received four pairs of divine alpaca socks for Christmas!

I had my heart set on visiting Red Bank and Asbury Park and while I was able to hit up both, I was bummed out because a lot of the awesome small businesses that make these towns so great were closed for the holidays.  That didn’t stop us from meeting up with our Silver Forge Friends for a delicious brunch.  For 2011, Eliezer listened to nothing but music from the 1970’s.  He’s writing a blog about his favorite musical discoveries from last year.   On the farm front, they are waiting on some baby chickens and baby ducks to arrive!!

I was excited to spend a day in Princeton with Kate!  She wrote about our day on her blog as well.  We went to my beloved Bent Spoon for the best cup of hot chocolate on the planet!!!  I also took home some of their amazing dark chocolate sorbet.  We did some consignment store hopping and spice shopping as well!  I brought home a LOT of New Jersey imports!

Shannon and I met up with Ivonne in Philly last Thursday.  She took us to the Reading Terminal Market.  I’ve never been so it was a cool experience!!  I got my Amish pretzel fix and even scored some raw milk and butter.  I managed to get it back up to Boston in a cooler along with my sorbet!  We caught up with the rest of the Carley clan for a few minutes before racing back across the state to for dinner!  We put a lot of miles on the car with this vacation!

Santa visited while we were away!  Molly was thrilled to finally have a Bruins shirt.  She got a Celtics shirt for Christmas as well so she is set!  I’ll confess to still having my Christmas decorations up.  I just love the bright lights.  I’ll probably take them down within a week but I see no harm in enjoying them for just a little bit longer….


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Southern girl who loves travel, farms, markets, bourbon, food trucks and a good cup of coffee!
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4 Responses to Happy 2012!!!

  1. Kate says:

    YAY for Princeton shopping days!!!! I miss you!

  2. Ivonne says:

    it was nice seeing you again. hopefully our next meeting will be on your turf sometime this year. btw, that bath bomb you got reza was DELICIOUS. I kept sniffing her hair afterwards. Makes me wish I got some for myself.

  3. schlagblog says:

    I was glad the boys got a chance to say hi to each other too! I was also super happy to get together with you and Shannon. It was a blast!

    Y’all are more than welcome to come on up! We’ll be down some time in the spring. You should plan a shore day trip for the spring. Asbury is awesome when the shops are open! 🙂

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