Things of Beauty

That snow-induced down time turned out to be a good thing!  The week picked right back up where it left off and I’m thankful for these few minutes to sit and reflect.  I’m especially grateful that I have a few lovely memories of things that I ventured out to do to balance out work work work!

I was starting to get a bit uneasy about the Degas exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts.  February 5th was creeping up and I still hadn’t seen it yet!  I missed Man Ray in Salem last month and I didn’t want to suffer the same fate!  We decided to get a family pass to the museum for this year and I’m so excited that we did!  I had Tuesday off this past week so I made it a point to get out and see Degas before he bids Boston adieu!

I shelled out a little bit extra for the audio tour.  Boston’s own Amanda Palmer narrates alongside a historian with a voice like syrup.  You can see some video footage of Amanda and Neil Gaiman touring the exhibit at the MFA website.   I think they are absolutely adorable.   The images at the site will have to do because I have no more to offer you.  I can say this, if you are a local and haven’t been to the museum to see Degas, you still have time.  Even if you aren’t local, it’s worth the plane ticket!  He’s there through the 5th of next month and it is absolutely worth your effort and time to experience his mastery of shadow, light and color in person.  His pastels left me breathless!  Don’t even get me started on the lithographs!  The collection contains works that were never displayed during his life and is rounded out by paintings from his peers as well as those he inspired (Picasso, Cassatt, Renoir, Matisse and a few others).  Being in a room full of images by those famous masters reminded me of my trip to Vienna.  We traveled to the cemetery where many famous composers are buried.  Beethoven, Strauss, Brahms and Schubert are all there.  It was so humbling to stand near the resting place of such great talent.

The museum was thrilling but that’s not all I did this week!  Wednesday turned out to be almost as unseasonably pleasant as Tuesday was so when Molly finished her homework, we got on the bus towards Union Square.  We went the exact same route that I take to work with a different purpose this time.

I always notice this mural when I pass it on the bus.  One would think it’d be difficult to miss, eh?  The artist is familiar to you all.  Shepard Fairey designed the famous Obama Hope image.  He has several incredible murals around the Boston area.  I’ve seen 3 in person.  The place I wanted to visit is right on the other side of this wall!  I wonder how much more your rent goes up if Shepard Fairey does a mural on your building…

I was excited to finally walk into Grand.  Right now, they also have a pop-up store called Process.  I wanted to check both of them out before the space evolved again!   The store is currently full of various tables that display a wide range of locally designed and produced goods.  Anything you might want for your next gift idea is probably accounted for.  Jewelry, t-shirts, screen prints and kitchen items are all here along with adorable stationary!  Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project even has a cool merch table!   Grand and the Process Pop-Up serve as outputs for a creative collective called The Fringe Union.   The tradition of artists and visionaries coming together to make the world more functional and beautiful place carries on!

EDIT: As of April, 2012, I am sorry to say that Grand has closed their doors.  I wish them them all the best of suceess!  All of the projects and art were so inspiring and fresh!  In the meantime, Counter Culture is said to be moving in.


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