Happy Bostonversary!

One year ago today, my family woke up in our new home here in Massachusetts.  It was a tedious move and the adjustment wasn’t always easy.  We landed smack dab in the middle of one of the snowiest winters of the last 200 years!  (I guess that has been evened out by little to no snow this year.)  As much as we still miss our friends and family, I haven’t really looked back.  We’ve carved out a lovely little nook for ourselves and discovered great coffeeshops, bookstores, brunch, gourmet shops, art, you name it!  Boston has so much to offer and I know we’ve only just begun to explore!  We love it here!  Click the picture below and join the celebration!

It’s been a little quiet here on the blog front.  I’ve been working a lot more and I get so tired that sometimes, I can barely muster up the energy to keep up with all of my household chores much less find the extra oomph to type out a post!

Today was spent catching up on said chores: laundry, floors, kitchen, bathroom…  Because nothing says “Happy Valentine’s Day” like a clean toilet!   I also got around to using up those black bananas!  I’ve been planning to make the banana bread recipe from A Homemade Life and it finally happened.  The book and the recipe (which includes chocolate chips and candied ginger) are both awesome!   It was one of my favorites of 2009.  Another famous foodie that I admire, David Chang, would agree that I let the bananas sit for the right amount of time.  His recent issue of Lucky Peach includes a banana cream pie recipe and it even goes as far as to include a picture of what they mean by ripe.  Their fruit looks similar to mine.

Molly made some simple but cute valentines to exchange with her class today.  She wrote something nice about each of her classmates inside.  We got her a few treats from her beloved Newbury Comics and I got Chris a really cool Jack D’Or t-shirt.  Chris is treating me to a hair appointment at Judy Jetson. (We kept our gifts local.) I’m not really sure what I want to have done.  I was going to cut it off a while back because I always wear it up and it was starting to look so thin at the top.  Then, I discovered a miracle on Mindy Kaling’s blog.  A friend who is stylist gave her Trader Joe’s brand prenatal vitamins and said it helps to thicken up hair.  I went out and bought a bottle and it has totally worked for me!!!  I cannot believe it the difference!  I don’t want to cut my hair off anymore. Now, I just want to let it grow!  So, if you see my bottle of prenatal vitamins, there’s no need to congratulate me because I’m not pregnant.  You can, however, high five me and tell me how nice my hair looks.

I have so many more things to talk about that we’ve done recently but it’s getting late!  I promise I will try to be a little less scarce.  I have some time off from work next week so that will be a good time to catch up!


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Southern girl who loves travel, farms, markets, bourbon, food trucks and a good cup of coffee!
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