The Blurbs

This is a going out post!  (Translation: I went somewhere recently and I want to tell you about it!)  The thing is, this is sort of a collective of going out stories that have accumulated and started to make me feel like a lazy blogger.  Since there are several highlights, I’m going to shrink the stories down into blurbs so you can get a general idea of what we’ve been up to lately.

1. I loved Degas so much that I went back to see the exhibit again before he jetted off to Paris.  Molly has a few days off of school so I am taking her and some of her friends to see Paper Zoo this week.  I’m extra excited because the following week, MFA members will be able to visit the Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum for free!!  Our membership will have more than paid for itself after only 2 months.  I can’t wait to see the ISG renovations!

2. We also got a membership to the New England Aquarium this year.   It was a great Christmas gift from my inlaws and Molly is very happy to have it.  She was finally reunited with her beloved Myrtle a few weekends ago.  Back in 2007, we took a weekend trip up to New England and we went to the aquarium.  She fell in love with Myrtle and never really got over it.  She drew countless pictures and talked about her incessantly.  All of this time later, she was so stoked to see her again.  She asked one of the girls working at the aquarium how she could get her job someday.

3.  I’ve made a few trips to Kendall Square lately.  Megan and I have been wanting to hit The Garment District and so that finally happened.  I scored some vintage scarves and saw a couple of other wish list candidates.  We also went back to Kendall yesterday to see The Artist.  It isn’t showing at very many theaters so we decided to make our move before it was gone.  I have the same strategy for Albert Nobbs.  It’s playing at one local theater and I’m going to try to see it tomorrow.

4.  This past Friday, I went out with my friend, Julia, to Harvard Square.  V-Day is a global effort that is focused on ending violence against women and girls.  The university observes this important movement with an annual production of Eve Ensler’s The Vagina Monologues.  I was so excited to finally see this play!  It’s something I’ve wanted to do since I read the book almost a decade ago!  It was a simple yet powerful production and the women really outdid themselves.  Keep it in mind for next year and support a worthy cause!

5.  It feels strange to talk about the Somerville Winter Farmers’ Market since it doesn’t really feel like much of a winter.  The Armory is loaded with all sorts of neat events and this is a prime example.  The market has great produce stands and baked goods (3 Little Figs is there every week!) as well as several rotating vendors.  One fixture of the market is Culinary Cruisers.  They serve Katalyst Kombucha on tap and it is delicious stuff!  The lemon and lime flavor is the best that I’ve had anywhere!  They encourage the reuse of their glass jugs and jars and if you bring yours back, you get a sweet discount on a refill.  The Armory also has a flea market twice a month and I can hear it calling my name!

Another thing that I can hear calling my name is some errands and chores….  I guess I’d better go and tackle a few of them so they don’t distract me from enjoying my movie tomorrow.




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Southern girl who loves travel, farms, markets, bourbon, food trucks and a good cup of coffee!
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