Let the Good Times Roll!

This past week, my family and I celebrated our Cajun French roots and I threw down a serious Mardi Gras dinner.  Just as my fruit cakes are a holiday tradition, I’ve done my best to make king cakes for Mardi Gras.  I fell through last year but I came back with a vengeance and made two this week!  Fat Tuesday indeed!

I’m not vegan but I do eat a lot of vegan food.  As far as I am concerned, there is only one recipe worth making and that is Kittee’s Vegan King Cake.  It has never failed me!  One of the main reasons for making a king cake is to use up the sugar, eggs and butter in the house because those things were traditionally given up for Lent.  My cakes didn’t have eggs or butter but they were still quite decadent!   I’ve never bothered with any other method because this one always turns out so great.  It’s no easy undertaking but it’s always a smashing success when I serve it up.  Kittee’s blog is the place to go for all of your festive sugary needs.  Her Pan de Muertos cake is worth mentioning as well as her vegan sugar skulls.  I’ve never made them before but I really want to try it this year!

I always make the traditional cinnamon and sugar filling for my cakes but I decided to stuff the second one with some homemade sour cherry preserves.  I still have a ton of different preserves put away from a mad spree I went on a few years back.  The sour cherries are my absolute favorite.  I’ll be sad when they’re finally gone.  I picked them at an orchard in New Jersey so I’ll have to find a place that grows them up here.

I’ve made prettier cakes in the past but I was pleased with how these bad boys turned out.  I got lazy and didn’t make my own sprinkles.  The store bought ones don’t even really show up in the pictures that I took.  Both cakes tasted great!  Everyone had more than one slice!  The pink cake had the plastic baby and Josie ended up getting that piece. This was served alongside shrimp and grits.  I also made some cajun tempeh from the book Vegan Soul Kitchen.  It was a nice alternative to the shrimp.  As far as grits go, we are Bob’s Red Mill advocates.  This meal was such a big hit that I don’t think I’ll be able to wait until next year to recreate it.  I’d eventually like to get my hands on a porcelain baby to put in the cake.

As far as Mardi Gras in Boston is goes (for future reference), Tupelo in Inman Square is a southern joint that has a big celebration each year.  If you don’t want to put in the time to make your own king cake, you can score one at Pesti Pies.

Laissez les bons temps rouler!!


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