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I can’t believe that March is almost over.  For a week, we even had nice weather.   Right now, it feels like we’re on track for another April Fool’s Snow!  It went from 35 degrees to 70 and back down to 40 in about a week and a half.  Of course, I had to work for most of the week that it was nice outside.  When I finally had a day off, it was as if Spring had never happened.  This month, like the weather, has been incredibly hectic but not without rewards.

The highlights include visitors!!  Eliezer came up to hang out for a day and we got to go to a few places that I thought he’d enjoy.  He is one of those people that I keep a running list for as far as places to take him.  We went to Johnny D’s in Davis Square for their jazz brunch.  We definitely had to go back to the Somerville Armory to see the indoor farmers’ market.  I wanted E to experience the Kombucha cart from Culinary Cruisers!  He brews his own at the farm and I knew he’d appreciate it!  What isn’t to love about mobile kombucha?  We’ve bought a few different kinds and they are so delicious and refreshing.  I hope he AND Shannon can come back together next time!   I have a fresh list of bakeries to take her to see!

My Opa and my cousin, Erich, also came to visit!  They flew up here from the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.  I’ve been pestering them to come up for a while so I guess they got sick of it and finally gave in!  We had a great time walking around Boston.  I’m happy to say that the weather was lovely that day!  We walked down Charles Street and stopped in at Panificio for breakfast.  The location was charming and we really enjoyed our meal.   We spent the rest of the morning into the early afternoon walking the first half of the Freedom Trail.  We visited Modern Pastry for a coffee and let me tell you, when they say rum cake, they aren’t playing around!  On the way home, we ducked into Hi Rise Bakery in Cambridge so Opa could grab some bread to take back to Texas.  We had some at the house and he loved it so much, he bought two big loaves and stuffed them into his suitcase!   I feel the same way about bagels when we visit New Jersey!  Sorry Boston!  I have yet to find a decent one here!

One thing I knew that I could find was a decent Irish Pub.  My Opa is crazy about fish n’ chips so I thought that would be a good thing to take him out for.  I did an internet search for ‘fish and chips boston’.  I found an open thread where people just named their favorite spot.  I decided to look up the first place that I’d actually heard of.  Someone mentioned The Druid and I went from there since it’s right up the road from where I work.  The online reviews were solid and some coworkers of mine testified that it was a good place.  They were right on the money!  Everyone was happy.  If you go (and you really should!), don’t turn away the homemade brown bread!

The fun didn’t end there!  One of my absolute best friends, Rick, also decided to book a trip to Boston this month!  He has a brother here as well so his visit worked out really well.   He had a pretty full dance card and managed to see a lot in the week he was here!  We picked him up from the airport and he and I spent all of the following day together catching up.

We caught up with each other and we also caught up with the Roxy’s!  I love a good food truck and this one has been on my list for a while!  They are consistently voted among Boston’s finest!   Luckily for us, they were parked a block away from the Museum of Fine Arts which was our after lunch destination.  We munched on truffle fries and then took in the musical instrument room, Paper Zoo, Silver Salt & Sunlight as well as most of the Asian art wing.  We saw beautiful pottery from Iran, Korea and China as well as thought provoking works from Gonkar Gyatso, a Tibetan artist.  Rick especially enjoyed the Buddhist temple and the Japanese sculptures.

We topped off an already eventful day with dinner and cocktails at Hungry Mother in Kendall Square.  This was another place that I’ve been dying to try!  The tables were all booked up for the night so we sat in their bar which manages to perfectly balance cozy and chic.  Everything we experienced there from parsnip bisque to the digestif was divine.  I’m already dying to go back!

Rick didn’t mind being passed back and fourth between his brother, Steve, and I.  For his last night in Boston, we all went out to Darryl’s Corner Bar & Kitchen.  One of my coworkers, Jesse, plays trombone with a bunch of different groups around town.  One of his bands, Malabar, was playing that night and we decided to reserve a table and check them out.   Reggae, ska and funk plus some delicious soul food!  How can you go wrong? We were all pleasantly surprised by how good the food was.  I had the beans and greens combined with some killer polenta cakes.  I’d go back even if I didn’t know the guy in the band but I think I’ll wait until Malabar takes the stage again.  They were great!

As you can see, we had a LOT going on this month.  Combine that along with work and it isn’t much of a wonder as to why I can barely keep my eyes open right now!  Not that I’m complaining!  We had some good times!  Molly’s birthday is coming up next month (one month from today!) so we probably won’t be slowing down much!


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