Marathon Cleaning Spree

Happy Patriots’ Day!   It’s not a holiday that I’m used to observing with such gusto but since we’ve moved to Boston, I’ve learned that it’s a pretty big deal up here.  Molly’s fife and drum corp has been very active these past few weeks.  She’s marched in several events already this year.  The above picture was snapped by one of the parents in the group during the pole capping event in Bedford, MA.   It’s a long standing tradition that celebrates acts of defiance against the British troops.  Molly is front and center in the photo.  Chris and I are still so happy that we got her involved with this group.  It’s so uniquely New England.  The older fife and drum groups are always so happy to see the kids who are working to keep these traditions alive.

Today was also the 116th Boston Marathon.  Between this and Patriots’ Day, I decided to keep a low profile and stay home since I knew the red line and the green line would probably be packed full of tourists.  I cleaned the front room of the house.  It’s sort of my crafting/art hub but it needed some serious attention to tame the mess!  I spent hours cleansing and reorganizing.  It’s still a work in progress and some of the boxes that are in there cannot be unpacked until later this month when we finally get a spare bed!  I’ve been waiting to set up the third bedroom so I’m really excited to see how it’s all going to come together.  We’re going furniture shopping this weekend!

I’ve inadvertently started a collection of George and Martha Washington stuff.  I find these things irresistible when I see them at yard sales and thrift stores.  That’s exactly where I found these gems.  I paid a grand total of $8 for everything you see in the picture.  I also have a silhouette tray that I found in Pittsburgh a few years ago for a dollar as well as some George Washington cameos that I found when I was back home in Huntsville, Alabama last summer.  I’m going to display the items in the picture in the front bedroom when it is ready.

Here is a close up of the figurines.  They are so neat!  We used to live very close to Washington Crossing when we were in New Jersey so my enthusiasm has its own history.  The pictures are replicas of oil paintings from 1796 that were painted by Gilbert Stuart.  The originals are at the MFA in Boston.  They have a lovely collection of American History portraits that you can view online.


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