Molly is almost exactly eleven years old.  She was born on a Sunday, just like today.  Sunny and pretty.  At 1:52 in the afternoon of April 29, 2001, the closure was the beginning.  My pregnancy ended in the usual climactic manner.  People think Savage Garden is cheesy and I can admit that they are!  However, I couldn’t have said it better myself: I loved my daughter before I met her.

Fast forward over a decade.  She is so excited for the moment to arrive.  She is not at the age yet where she realizes it isn’t wise to wish her time away.  She is already ready for her 12th birthday.  I’m kidding, of course.  Except, not really.  She’s been looking forward to this day for a while so she’s trying her best to savor the two hours she’s hoping will hurry up so that her friend, Josie, will be here.  She received some nice gifts from a loving spectrum of friends and family that she is very blessed to have and she wants to share them.

The list of things that Molly is into right now: Mario, playing the fife, basketball, being outside, Newbury Comics, The Muppets, drawing, Big Nate/Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Jack Black, her iPod touch and, of course, animals.  She still adores Scooby Doo after all of this time.  She goes through spells where she watches a few episodes every night.  She has obsessively watched Ghost Hunters.  I had a hard time falling asleep after watching just a few but they don’t seem to phase her.  She loves scary stuff.  Never in her life has she come running into my room in the middle of the night because she was scared.  A thunderstorm had me with my parents in no time!

The haircut is new.  She had it pretty long and shaggy for a bit.  A cross between a Beatles cut and dangerously borderlining a mullet.  She started pushing me to get a trim and I took her up to Arlington Heights this past Tuesday.  She told the guy how she wanted it and I’ll admit to being taken aback when I saw it at first.  It quickly grew on me and I love how it makes the bridge of freckles across her nose pop.  She wanted to go and buy something to help her style it so we walked to the drug store up the street.  There was no shortage of products and we settled on something.  She’s very excited about it.  She’s been making efforts to style it which is something she has never done before.

My inlaws came to visit us this past weekend.  We hit Davis Square for breakfast both days.  Yesterday, we went to the Somerville Armory Farmers Market.  Today, we in Davis and took the train to Harvard Square to do some walking around.   When we arrived back to Davis, we stopped in to Kick*Ass Cupcakes to bring home some birthday treats.

I couldn’t not get the Ben Affleck cupcake.  It’s a Boston cream made with Bailey’s and the cupcake itself is made with JAMEson.  That’s the way my friend, Rick, says it.  Harsh emphasis on the first syllable, almost like a cough.  Ben Affleck is another guilty pleasure of mine.  Good Will Hunting and Savage Garden.  Child of the 90’s.

We got a nice variety of cupcakes for when Josie and Megan arrive.  The upper right one is a Pupcake for Chowder.  As you can see, it’s lovely!  If you’re in the market for a special treat for your dog, this is the best I’ve seen!  It meant the world to Molly that Chowder not be left out.

We’re about to watch some Muppets together.  She told me that Julie Andrews is on one of the episodes so that roped me in.   I’m happy that the day has gone so well for her.  Here’s hoping for another successful journey around the sun.  Highlights of this trip will include summer camp, her first music festival and the start of her first year of middle school!  I don’t stress about it too much.  She’s very rational and I’ve been so proud of her interactions with the people and the world around her, so far.  I’m incredibly lucky to be her mom.


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Southern girl who loves travel, farms, markets, bourbon, food trucks and a good cup of coffee!
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