May Days

Goodness!  Has it been over a month?  I can’t believe that June is already upon us.  Summer is biting at the bit and Molly is almost finished with elementary school.

This past month is almost a haze to me.  Thank goodness for pictures!!!  Here are some of the highlights of the last 30+ days.


Porchfest!!  By far, one of the coolest things that I’ve seen since HONK!  Somerville has such a high concentration of creative energy so it really should come as no surprise.  100+ bands of all genres playing free shows on various front porches all over town.  Megan and I wandered around and really enjoyed taking in the sights and sounds.

Shannon came up for Memorial Day Weekend and we galavanted all over Somerville, Boston and Cambridge!

Molly had two big events that Chris and I volunteered to help out with.  Her fife and drum corp hosted a huge muster earlier this month in Lexington and the following weekend was the big outdoor fair at her school.  Both were huge fundraisers and both involved bake sales so we made lots and lots of trail mix which went over very well.  The school fair also had a cake walk so I made some strawberry banana breads.  Someone really went all out and made this lovely thing!  I was very impressed and I hope that the person who took it home carried it to their car with pride!


I’m amazed that I didn’t put holes in my shoes!!  We’ve been all over the place as of late.  I was excited to finally be able to hit up a few spots that have been on my list for a while.

First on that list is The Neighborhood in Union Square.  I met up with my friends, Bridget and Nicole, for breakfast a few weeks ago.  I’ve been told countless times to go here and not to pass up the cream of wheat.  I’m glad I listened!  I know it looks empty now but I’m told it’s almost impossible to get a table on a weekend.

The same things could also be said about Highland Kitchen….except for the cream of wheat part.  I did some pre-Shannon investigating to see where I should take her for some pancakes while she was here.  I can’t tell you how many people responded with Highland Kitchen.   I was told to be prepared for some crazy lines since they only serve brunch on Sundays.  They weren’t kidding….

This was the line of people waiting when the doors opened at 11.  We got there around 10:30 so we were closer to the front.  The weather was beautiful and the pancakes were all that!

I was lucky enough to stumble across the Mei Mei Street Kitchen truck earlier this month.  I wasn’t even that hungry but my curiosity got the best of me so I got some of this incredible ramp bread pudding for later on in the day!!  Their menu had all sorts of delicious looking stuff so if you see them, you should definitely check them out!!

I also made it over to Dwelltime.  This is the new cafe/coffeeshop from the folks who take being a coffee geek to a whole new level over at Barismo in Arlington.  It still has that new cafe smell too.  We’d been walking around for a good part of the day and so we stopped in for some refreshments.  Molly LOVED the vegan banana cake.  The iced tea was just what I needed and I also thought the lemonade was fantastic.

Tatte (pronounced Tatt-AY) is a new bakery that just opened up in Kendall Square.  You’d never know it by the crowds.  For being just a few weeks old, it was packed!! There is another location in Brookline.  The ambiance is so chic (even down to the tiniest of details!) and the food is equally impressive.  Everything we had was delicious and if you don’t save room for dessert, take a nut box (pictured above) to go!  You can get a smaller version of one of these masterpieces for about $4.

Creative Spaces

I cannot speak highly enough of Gather Here.  This was the one place that Shannon insisted on going while she was visiting.  It’s located right next to Dwelltime so you can get your snack and your craft on.  This shop has a focus on needlecrafts (sewing, knitting, felting) and the selection of fabrics is incredible!  Need help with a project?  The friendly folks here have your back!  They are very community focused so if you need a hand with your garter stitch or just don’t feel like crafting at home by yourself, you can mosey on over and make yourself comfortable.  They even have a crafts and cocktails night and I am DYING to check that out!

Another awesome shop that I went to with Shannon was Bead + Fiber.  Two of my favorite crafting focuses under one roof!  They have all sorts of fantastic jewelry findings and I can’t wait to put the things that I bought to good use!  They’re gifts so I can’t go into too much detail.

Last, but certainly not least….SOWA!!!  I finally FINALLY was able to go, for the first time, this past weekend!!!  They just kicked off their summer season so that means craft market, vintage market and farmers’ market!  I was excited to be able to shop at the Fashion Truck.  Emily is one savy lady and I’m happy to see that she’s enjoying so much success.  I was finally able to pick up my zebra scarf.  She was a Clover customer when we regularly parked at Government Center.  I admired it on her and that’s how I found out who she was.  I was already familiar with her business.  When I stopped in last week, 8 months later, she still remembered my name.

There are all sorts of awesome vendors here!  I picked up an adorable new shirt, a vintage leather cuff and a bat brooch.  I also saw some fantastic gift ideas for all of the babies that are in my life right now.

There is also, of course, food!  Boston’s finest food trucks are all parked here on Sunday. If you’ve ever wanted to try a little or a lot of each one but don’t want to chase them around town, this is your chance.

I think that about covers it!!  I know this post is awfully long considering that May didn’t seem very long at all.  I’m exhausted all over again!!


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  1. Ivonne says:

    wish your pix were a tap bigger 😦

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