Longest Day of the Year

Summer has come crashing through this mild spring like the Kool-Aid man!  It’s hard to believe that, after today, the daylight will start chipping away.  On a day this hot, it’s difficult to think ahead to the inevitable sunsets that will come around by 4:00 in the afternoon.

Let’s focus on now.  I feel like I have taken full advantage of strawberry season.  Two different people gave me strawberry and rhubarb pie this past week!  My friend, Julia, made the recipe off of Smitten Kitchen and it was awesome.  She even added some minced basil.  When it came down to my turn to make pie, I knew I wanted to make smaller ones.  I didn’t have everything that I needed to go with Smitten Kitchen (no tapioca!).  Thanks to the awesome powers of the internetz, I found another recipe that worked really well.  They were tedious but, oh!  So worth it!

I also got my booze crafting on this week.  More strawberry vodka will be on tap in a few weeks!  I also gifted some of my vanilla extract that I started last year.  Remember that?

My extract is nice and dark now that it’s a year old!  I’ve been adding any vanilla beans that come my way to the bottle.  We made some vanilla syrup at work and when the pods were all used up, I took them home!  That’s the beauty of it.  Any tapped out vanilla beans are still fair game.

This month was full of gifting.  I surprised Chris with a Jersey style breakfast last weekend.  I got some eggs and some Iggy’s bagels from the Union Square market and made him an egg and cheese on a bagel!  We ate these sammiches all of the time when we lived outside of Princeton.  Bagels are one of the things that I miss the most up here in Boston and while Iggy’s isn’t quite the same, they’re definitely the best that I’ve had up here.  Not to say that they are not an incredible bakery!  We love their onion bread and olive focaccia.

Another cool thing that happened was down in Inman Square.  My friend, Jesse, and his girlfriend, Greta, threw a 24 hour pancake party!  You read that correctly.  They fed anyone that came over to their apartment last Saturday for an entire day!  Pancakes and pie.  I know some pretty awesome people!

Last, but not least, our special girl finished elementary school today!  The school threw a lovely commencement ceremony last Friday and I did well not to flood the place with tears of pride.  We’ve got a lot of fun stuff planned for this summer and I’m glad we have a few months for me to wrap my head around the fact that Molly is officially in middle school!


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Southern girl who loves travel, farms, markets, bourbon, food trucks and a good cup of coffee!
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