Summer Happened

No blogger ever plans a two month absence….okay…maybe there are some that do but this one sorta just was what it was.  I’d like to say that it was because I took summer and ran with it but, I think the opposite is true.  Summer wisked me away and I was helpless against it.  The usual suspects came about such as a trip to Alabama, a family vacation to Cape Cod, visitors and various seasonal delights.  While we were in Cape Cod,  I finally made it to Edward Gorey’s house!  The past two months also brought about some new adventures!  The Newport Folk Festival as well as drum and fife camp for Molly.

There are a million little yet treasurable moments that flew by in the past few months.  I could rhapsodize all night and still fail to capture it all.

Here are close to 100,000 words worth of images.

I’m happy to say that this girl had a busy summer.  She was very excited to go back to Cape Cod and she loved camp.  There was a ghost hunting field trip at the Boys and Girls club and we had a great time in Newport with Megan and Josie.  The four of us stayed in a tiny motel and had managed to dodge a LOT of rain while taking in some incredible live music.  Let me take a second to highly recommend this festival.  First of all, Newport is beautiful!   It’s very kid friendly.  There’s a kids tent and many of the artists played small sets in there.  You can also take in coolers which was really great.  For the last two summers that I’ve been up here, the lineups have been really dreamy.  I was blown away by Charles Bradley, Alabama Shakes and tUnE-yArD.  Molly really enjoyed Of Monsters and Men and Conor Oberst.  Conor played a small set in kid’s tent and pointed her out to sing “True Blue” to her.  It was adorable.  I really hope that we can go back next summer.

Another exciting note is that cute, pregnant girl you may have seen in the slideshow.  That’s my sister-in-law, Liz.  She and Chris’ brother, Nick are expecting a boy in September!  They’re in New Jersey so that’s pretty close.  We’re so excited to meet our new nephew!  We lovingly call him Dino Alvino.  I’ve raided SOWA in the last few months for awesome baby presents!

Summer has definitely peaked.  We’re almost through August and the sun has already started to call it before 8:00 pm.  The nights are getting cooler and I know I saw some leaves turning today!  It’s subtle but Fall is rolling in.  School is almost here and our schedules will settle down a bit.  Molly and I will travel to visit my parents in Georgia this weekend and will be gone through Labor Day.  We’re both looking forward to seeing my folks and my sisters!  She starts 6th grade the following week.  We’re getting ready!  I’ll miss these sunny days but I’m excited to see what autumn will bring.


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Southern girl who loves travel, farms, markets, bourbon, food trucks and a good cup of coffee!
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