Falling with Style

In the last few months, I did my best to prepare myself for what I knew would be a difficult transition.  I have few fond memories of middle school other than meeting my life long friend, Laura.  I was the new kid that year and I was terrified.  I did my best to prevent myself from projecting those emotions onto my own daughter as she started her own journey into the sixth grade but I know I did not always succeed.

Molly is lucky in that she already had friends when she walked through that door a few weeks ago.  It is a huge relief to know that someone has your back.  I knew these past few weeks would be stressful for all of us and while I wasn’t successful in fully preparing myself for it, at least we made it through!  We’ve been navigating some activities for Molly to participate in.  We’re thrilled for her to be a part of her fife and drum corp and she has some musical talent so she is going to start learning clarinet this fall.  She’s part of a gardening club on Tuesdays and she takes a baking class on Thursdays for the next few months.  The days are getting shorter and it’s important to us for her to have some fun things to do to keep her occupied.  It’s very easy to get restless and depressed when the sun sets before 5:00.

I’ve been making an effort to get out more often and do things for myself as well.  Last week, I went to the Paradise Rock Club with some friends to see Antibalas.  It was a helluva show, folks!  JP’s own Debo Band opened for them and I will be keeping an eye out for their next local show because they were also amazing!  My friend, Jesse, took this awesome footage of Antibalas.  It does a good job of capturing the spirit of the show.  This is the same band that played on Broadway during Fela!  I missed that show when it came to Boston so I was thrilled to be able to catch these guys.  The above shot was taken on my way home from Jesse’s gig with his own band at the Middle East in Cambridge.  I’m a sucker for a great horn section and these guys (Malabar) did not let me down.  They were worth taking the T home past midnight.  They have another show there on October 28th and if you have a pulse, you will probably enjoy these guys so stop in!

Another item on the local Must See! list is the Ori Gersht exhibit at the MFA.  Right before school started, I took Molly and a few of her girlfriends to the museum and we were all struck by the double edged brutality that the photographs and short films managed to achieve.  Gersht’s work is deeply rooted in the potent strifes of war and he skillfully captures those ghosts through breathtaking metaphors and deceptive loveliness.  This exhibit alone is worth traveling to Boston for.  We’re fortunate to have it here.

Speaking of our fair city, the 2012 Best of Boston magazine issue hit the stands about a month back.  I was happy to see Saus and Mei Mei Street Kitchen among the winners.  I love both of those places and when I saw that Mei Mei was parked right across from Saus last Monday, I decided to take Molly and Tenzin out for lunch.  And yes, my meal was Double Awesome.

Poached eggs with Vermont cheddar sandwiched between scallion pancakes.  This truck deserves every last bit of attention it gets.  I had the ramp bread pudding a few months ago and it was also delicious.  The folks are friendly and everyone is clearly having a blast.  Check out the website for their parking schedule.

I treated the girls to a big basket of Saus frittes and let them choose a few of their signature sauces to dip in.  My favorites are the cheddar Duvel and the truffle ketchup.  Don’t miss out on the waffle with salted caramel sauce.  FYI: If you’re too full from your meal, these guys heat up really well in the oven.  Just ask them to package them to go with the sauce in a container!

Many of the trees are already frosted with bright color as September comes to a close.  We had a quiet 6th anniversary (he got me those flowers) and we celebrated Chris’ 36th birthday.  Two days before that, our little nephew, Wade, was born.  We are, sadly, in the final weeks of our CSA share from Lindentree.  We got so much for our initial down payment.  The experience of getting to know the wonderful farmers who grew our produce not to mention the thrill of stepping outside of my comfort zone and learning to cook some new things.  This celery root is a prime example.  I’m hoping to be able to score a winter share somewhere.   I hear Red Fire has a good one.

Although the shorter days are tedious, I’d be lying to say that I’m not looking forward to everything the next few months will bring.  Fall is to New England like baguettes are to Paris.  Sure, you can experience it elsewhere but it truly shines here.  HONK! 2012 is less than two weeks away and I’ve already got my Halloween decorations up!  Chris will be whipping out apple dumplings in no time!


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  1. Awesome Avery–I’m sure Molly will do great with you to back her up..

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