Something Wicked Awesome This Way Comes

Fall is here, in case you haven’t noticed.  I strolled through the graveyard near my house last weekend and caught some lovely color.  I’m glad I didn’t delay doing this because it really seemed to peak that day and a lot of the brilliance has already vanished as this week has passed.  As quickly as it serenades, it, all too soon, begins to fade.

No one is really talking about the hurricane but we’re all thinking about it.  We’re experiencing a smackerel of warmish weather.  It really has been gorgeous outside these past few days.  We’ve been making the most of this beloved season: decorating, bundling up with fluffy layers and making soup.

I’ve been a veggie roasting machine these past few weeks.  Most of them have come from our CSA share which, sadly, ended this past week.  I’ve thrown multiple soups together for now and later.  There are some freezer bags of stock as well as a few completed soups that are ready to thaw and serve.

I scored a bumper crop of green tomatoes.  I asked around for some tricks to turn them red and I decided to put them into paper bags along with fresh apples since they give off something that encourages this to happen.  Sure enough, it did work!  I lost some to rot but I ended up with more than I expected to.  I roasted them, removed the skin and blended them with roasted peppers and garlic.

I canned almost a dozen 6 oz. jars of sauce and gave a few away to some friends.  I kept a few for us as well.  It’s a great base for pasta sauce (add some fresh basil, salt and pepper), enchilada sauce (add some cocoa and chili powder) or just add salt and pepper and you have some great tomato soup.

The Halloween Spirit has definitely possessed Molly and I.  Her party went really well.  The unseasonably warm night (mid 60’s) last Friday made it easy to let the girls take over the garage.  I put out pizza, snacks and bottled sodas.  Each guest (we had about 10 girls in there at one point!) received a goodie bag with a fake ‘stache, PopRocks, stickers, a glow stick and a pencil.  Nothing fancy but everyone had a great time.  I lined up the back wall with some cardboard.  I left out some markers and crayons so they could draw all over it.  That went over really well.  Molly is going to a different party tonight.  She’s a scary clown for Halloween this year.  She doesn’t have the mask on in the pic.

There’s a lot of great stuff happening this weekend.  Tomorrow, I am planning on going to the Day of the Dead event at Taza.  They city of Somerville is throwing a big party with graveyard ghost tours and people carving giant pumpkins with chainsaws.  We’ll definitely try to catch some of that action.  They’re having a scary costume contest at SOWA and this will be the last market of the season.  I’m tempted to go to this as well but I’m not sure if I’ll make it over.  There’s even more great stuff happening on Halloween.  Since it’s on a school/work night, I’ll probably be a fuddy duddy and bow out.  I will be dressing up as David Bowie for the big day at work.  This will be my third year in a row dressing up as him for an event.  What can I say?  It’s fun to be the White Duke for a day each year!

Last Wednesday, two of my friends and I went to the Junot Diaz reading at Porter Square books.  I may or may not have arrived 4 hours early in order to secure good seats….  At least it paid off!  We were second row and only about 6 feet away from him!  He did a brief reading and we had a powerful Q&A session with him.  He was so warm and approachable.  Considering how fast his star has risen, he’s still very humble.  His New Jersey accent was adorable.  I didn’t notice it this much the first time we met.  Speaking of which, he absolutely remembered me when we met again at the signing.  He immediately gave me a kiss on the cheek which lit me up for days.  I’m still glowing, actually.  He is doing several more events in the Boston area including the Book Festival this weekend.  If you have the chance to see him speak, go.  It was incredible to share space with such a brilliant mind.

I hope that everyone reading this has a lovely and safe remainder of October.  Hoping for the best for those of us in the path of the storm.


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2 Responses to Something Wicked Awesome This Way Comes

  1. Tammy says:

    I love this season for roasting veggies. Be safe during the storm.

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