Through the Storm

I am guilty, when referring to a messy space, of saying that it “looks like a hurricane went through here”.  Molly can testify to this.  When I see everything that has happened with my family and our loved ones in the affected areas, physically and emotionally, the expression rings with deadly accuracy.

I did NOT take this pic. I’ve seen it floating around on FB this past week. I can’t find my own shot of it that I took last summer!  It’s on the Asbury Park Boardwalk.

I called the Garden State “home” for 6 years.   My husband, along with most of his friends and family, was born and raised there.  It always struck me how so many people we knew had spent their entire lives in New Jersey.  When I was growing up, I felt that very few people I knew had spent most of their lives in Alabama.  Since Huntsville employs many researchers and engineers, most families relocate there for work.  Growing up in the south is more of a unifying label among my friends and family then having done so specifically in Alabama.

New Jersey is different.  Remember how we all felt when they made that horrible Smurfs movie?  My sense of nostalgia felt violated!   Millions of childhood memories were ripped apart and swept away this past week.  The Shore, for many, has been a timeless relic that they shared with their families and friends playing in the sand, eating fried dough, working summer jobs and, for many, even getting married.  It is a part of the fabric of the soul of just about everyone I have ever met who grew up there.   To see the aftermath of the winds and flooding  has been heartbreaking for so many.  It is equally humbling to see these people pull together to heal and rebuild.  Strangers reaching out to house strangers, to help feed and clothe them.  I know people who still are without electricity, but definitely not without power.  Seeing pictures of the wreckage has been hard but we’re comforted and thankful for the fact that all of our friends and loved ones are safe.

As for us…

We were lucky up here in the Boston area.  There were times that I feared the winds would rip our roof off but, for the most part, we escaped the fury of the storm with minimal damage.  Stormy conditions and debris closed the schools down for two days but the lights barely flickered.

Halloween came and went.  Most of my NJ friends took their kids out for Halloween this past weekend.  Molly and her friends went out and terrorized the neighborhood.  I felt like the holiday was lower key than usual.

I chaperoned a field trip to Battleship Cove down in Fall River.  This was much cooler than I was expecting it to be.  My dad is a WW2 buff and he would have loved it.  You get to go through a submarine and, of course, a battleship.  The ship had a full bakery!  Going down into the sub was really incredible.  Especially when you realize how long the soldiers spent in there (while under water!).

from The Boston Globe

Yesterday, Aerosmith put on a free show out in Allston.  The set up a stage in front of the apartment building where they used to live, many decades and albums ago.  Megan went with me and the crowd was so enormous, we couldn’t see the band at all.  We could hear them loud and clear and, I have to say, they sounded great!  It was awesome hearing Back in the Saddle and Sweet Emotion ringing through the streets of Boston.

Part of the reason they were putting on the show was to put the spotlight on Election Day and the importance of voting.  The polls close at 8 pm here in MA.  There’s still time…..

If you’re still in the mood to make your voice heard,  here is a link to take part in voting in the Dig This of 2012.  The food and drink categories are listed and you can pick your favorites.  I didn’t have a horse in every race so I left some blank.  I did get some ideas for new places to try out.  If you want a few more suggestions, here are Boston Magazine’s 50 best restaurants.

I hope this post finds everyone in good spirits.  For those of you who were affected by the storm, I hope you and yours are healing and able to remain strong and hopeful.


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2 Responses to Through the Storm

  1. leanne says:

    Avery, thank you for capturing our jersey shore spirit so well. We are still without electricity and very chilly!!!!!!

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