About Me

Mid 30’s/Married/Mom.  Living proof that all who wander are not lost.  I love to read, write, cook and take pictures.  I’m passionate about music, art and travel.  I drink tea like it’s my job.  My family recently moved from New Jersey to Massachusetts.  Welcome to my life!

The Cast


Chris + AveryTogether 9 years/Married 6 years

Him: Into computers, burritos and board games.  Her: Enjoys brunch, NPR and crafts.

MollyEleven years old.

Loves American history and geography, cars, animals, video games, reading and her bike.

Chowder – 5 year old Pug/Boston Terrier mix.

Our beloved little guy!  Adopted from Bucks County, PA two years ago.


3 Responses to About Me

  1. D... says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’ll be poking about your blog too. It’s really lovely. One hopefully helpful thought, you can link your blog to your gravitar so people can click on it to get to your blog. A few of my blog friends make friends with each other through my blog and I through their blog that way.

  2. Suprize. Im from New Jersey as well. Moved to New York.


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